CineD covers The Language of Lighting

Yanjing Institute of Technology Workshop

Over 300 students and faculty participated in a two day workshop.

"This event not only strengthened the students' confidence in the learning of the profession, but also allowed them to have a deeper understanding of Western movies and obtain a new thinking about future work."

International Cinematographer's Guild  ICG Magazine 

"I was a vocal student and never hid my dissatisfaction in a class or teaching method,” he smiles. “The fact that Stephen Lighthill, ASC, offered me a teaching position was the perfect ‘punishment,’ and I accepted the challenge. When I stand in front of the class, I stand in front of cinematographers – not students."


"The 'Art & Craft of Cinematography' course for example, taught by Tal Lazar covers a wide array of subjects, ranging from digital imaging technology, film exposure and optics to breaking down a script and deciding where a camera should be placed."

Columbia University Center for Teaching and Learning

Tal Lazar shares the changes he made to adapt a face-to-face Intro to Cinematography course to a fully online course, making explicit his expectations of students, establishing guidelines to facilitate online learning, and adjusting his own expectations of the amount of content that can be meaningfully engaged with during synchronous class sessions. 

Sekonic Interview

Sekonic is the leading manufacturer of light meters worldwide.

"It is my job as a cinematographer to take those ideas and turn them into things that are very, very practical. I need to take the feeling I discussed with the director and translate that into dollies and lamps and cameras. For me to do that, I need some help, and the light meter is the known and tested tool for that."

Beijing Film Academy Masterclass

"Tal Lazar's lectures made the students understand the first-hand creative experience and advanced ideas of Hollywood filmmakers. His vivid explanations and unique teaching style benefited the students greatly."

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